Spruce Mill Farm’s 2015 Review

Suddenly, it’s 2016!  If you look at our blog, it would appear that 2015 didn’t exist…please don’t judge us by that.  We failed at keeping up with the blog but we succeeded on so many other levels!   2015 was our second full season in production on the farm and our first full season with our commercial kitchen.  That being said, we were ‘busy’.

To sum up the past year in a blog post wouldn’t do it justice, I know I would leave something important out.  It was a year of tremendous growth; on the farm, as adults and in business.   Here are some of the feats we accomplished in the past year:

We cleared, destumped and seeded with cover crop 3 additional acres for new growing space.

Became bee keepers.

Raised 10 heritage bred pigs.

Hired and trained our first seasonal apprentice.

Participated in “Open Farm Day” and had over 100 guests check out our farm and growing practices.

We grew over 1,000 lbs of onions which we started from seed (they were also the most beautiful onions around).

Supplied 16 weeks of produce, artisan bread, eggs and grass fed beef to over 30 families who participated in our Community Supported Agriculture Shares.

Harvested, washed and packed our vegetables and fresh baked artisan breads and pastries every Saturday for the Dover Cove Farmers Market from May through the end of October.

Provided produce and artisan bread to one local restaurant.

Made prepared food for over a dozen off site events and fed up to 150 people with ingredients we sourced from our farm and other local farms.

Hosted The Mallet Brothers Band at our farm and had about 150 people attend.

We raised and slaughtered 75 broilers.

We increased our laying flock to 60 laying hens.

Vended our prepared food and artisan breads at Maine Fare and The Bread Fair.

…I think that’s all but again, I’m probably missing something.

And, I did manage to get some really great photos with our “real camera” when my hands weren’t covered in dirt or dough.   Thanks to our local community for supporting what we do– we look forward to doing more of it in 2016!

The Farm




IMG_4273 IMG_4284

IMG_4296 IMG_4294 IMG_4304 IMG_4310 IMG_4322 IMG_4333 IMG_4340

IMG_5787 IMG_6655 IMG_5650 IMG_5651 IMG_5967 IMG_5969 IMG_5970 IMG_6356




IMG_8185 IMG_7565 IMG_7563 IMG_7562 IMG_7561 IMG_7560 IMG_7559 IMG_7556 IMG_8043 IMG_8041 IMG_8040 IMG_8044 IMG_8038 IMG_8037 IMG_8036IMG_8024 IMG_7913  IMG_8258 IMG_8256 IMG_8253 IMG_8252 IMG_6560 IMG_6980 IMG_7851 IMG_7849 IMG_7848 IMG_7847 IMG_7846 IMG_7845 IMG_6493 IMG_7608 IMG_7607 IMG_7606 IMG_7605 IMG_7604 IMG_7600 IMG_7744 IMG_7743 IMG_7742 IMG_7247 IMG_6973 IMG_6972 IMG_6379 IMG_7486 IMG_7484 IMG_6618 IMG_5071 IMG_7418 IMG_6858 IMG_6856 IMG_6855 IMG_7092 IMG_7091


The Kitchen









IMG_3490 IMG_3903 IMG_4196 IMG_4208 IMG_4394 IMG_4395 IMG_4398 IMG_4399

Thanks again; to our customers, mentors and every supporter of eating local, real food!

IMG_4139 IMG_4134 IMG_4122


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