Make that buttahh

I met Amy from Crooked Face Creamery at The Kneading Conference this past summer.  Actually, first I met Amy’s amazing fresh ricotta at the social hour. I tasted it and was admiring how delicious it was and realized the fabulous cheese maker was right there (with her adorable baby!!).  Her cheese has been winning national cheese contests and is in high demand but she’s awesome and is able to save me a little so I can ‘spread’ the love in our area.  When I pick up cheese I’ve also been picking up some raw milk. With that gallon of raw milk, I’ve been separating the cream and making butter!  It is pretty easy and fun – and you get the best butter in the world.  If you don’t have a local farm that has fresh raw milk or cream available, you can use cream from the store.  I go through WAYYYY more butter than what a gallon can make, but it’s a great treat and especially delicious toasted homemade bread in the morning!

Step one: Let the milk settle in the fridge until you notice the cream line. Can you see it here??
The supplies: Kitchen Aid Mixer, some jars to put the milk into and some wax paper for the butter.
Step two: Crack open the top of the milk. Place container or jars below the jug, stab a whole into the bottom of the milk jug and let it drain – keep an eye on the cream line.
A large container would probably work best…
When you drain the milk down to the cream line, tip up the just and pour the milk into the mixer bowl.
Let it mix…
…and mix…(cover the bowl to keep it from splattering everywhere).
You’ll make some whipped cream, keep it mixing!
Although, I do love some fresh whipped cream!
Keep going!
Finally! The butter will begin to ball up and separate from the buttermilk.
Such a rich butter!
Drain the butter, saving the buttermilk.
Rinse the butter (this will help it last longer)
So, now we have some butter, some milk and some buttermilk!!! Use the buttermilk in muffins or make farm cheese with it!
Lay a piece of wax paper out.
Roll it up into a cylinder.
Not too shabby!
Enjoy on some homemade bread!

Go check out Crooked Face Creamery’s amazing website!




4 thoughts on “Make that buttahh

    1. Hey Liz, I don’t think Bobby saw your question. When I add salt, I add it in with the cream. If I want to add herbs I add them to the butter before shaping it. Good luck and have fun!

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