What we do is a lifestyle

…it’s not just about growing food!  Our quality of life here in Maine is exceptional already, but to have the opportunity to live in vacationland year-round and help our community live a healthy life is beyond the level of happiness we could have imagined. It’s a privilege to take a seed and watch it grow! And, we have to thank all of YOU for giving us that shot!  This week as we start our very first Community Supported Agriculture Shares, we are so grateful for those of you that trusted us to grow healthy, nutritious and delicious vegetables and meat for you and your family.  We look forward to continuing to serve you with the best food!

Dustin standing in front of the potato field which was weeded and hilled by hand!
A happy Farmer and Wife!

2 thoughts on “What we do is a lifestyle

  1. hey Natasha and Dustin….
    SOOO excited about the CSA!
    Love, love, loved all the fresh goodies!!
    i made the mesclun, lettuce, and beet salad tonight——absolutely delish!!
    munched on the radishes and turnip while i was roasting the beets. yum.
    rhubarb coffecake tomorrow…..
    thank you for making this CSA possible for a half-share!!!! YAY!

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