Sun-kissed Photo Session

The weather has been pretty amazing the last couple of days, it definitely kept us on our feet!  We are sun kissed and pretty exhausted but I managed to get out with the camera and snap some photos! It’s pretty crazy to look back and see how much things grow in just a week!  Off to bed, nighty-night!

The peas are reaching for something to climb!
Japanese Turnips
The cucumber will be flowering any day now!
One of my favorite views, looking through both of the greenhouses and seeing a sea of green!
Summer squash is kicking butt!
The bush beans with a watchful garden spider! Thanks bud!
Red Ace beets coming right along!
Cilantro…mmm I can’t wait for this herb!
Red Meat can grow in the ground 😉
Some new fennel rocking in the outdoor bed under a hoophouse
Love how elegant fennel looks! It has a beautiful flavor too!
This is for our friend Jake, who stopped by and helped us plant these last week!
Soon, this view will be covered in a canopy of tomato plants!
Sophie (Left) and Adele (Right) say goodnight!
Sophie (Left) and Adele (Right) say goodnight!


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