Giving Back to the Ground

In organic gardening, we are depending on the soil to add nutrients to vegetables (versus adding nutrients through inorganic fertilizers).  To give back to the soil, we use compost- an excellent source of fertility for the soil that is pretty much FREE!  It takes time and decomposing organic matter, but is totally worth the wait (your vegetables will thank you!).  Last fall Dustin built a ‘bin’ using bales of hay.  We collected vegetable waste from two local restaurants and threw in the down woody debris and tree leaves throughout the fall.  The pile got huge, quickly!  Dustin went in and turned the pile with the tractor and there was black GOLD on the bottom- just what you want to see!  We will probably let this pile sit a while longer but it will be used to add nutrients back into the soil so delicious veggies can continue to grow.  What a wonderful cycle!






The start of the compost pile, Fall 2013
The start of the compost pile, Fall 2013
The “black gold”, Spring 2014


It really is as easy as that! And you don’t have to build a giant pile- just using the vegetable waste from your home in a small container is a great start to feeding your garden so it can feed you!  Happy composting 🙂

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