Pastured Pork

Last August, Dustin got 3 pigs from Central Maine Pigs (this was three days after our wedding!). The ‘boys’ were our first batch of pigs which went on to feed over 10 local families.  Raising the pigs is extremely rewarding and an honor itself.   We have so much respect and love for these animals and we’re grateful to share them with you.  The pigs live a very happy and loved life and we are able to produce healthy meat.   This Spring we got 6 piglets and are just about sold out on the 1/4 packages!   The pigs live in a half-acre enclosure with pasture and some wooded area.  Also inside their area is about 6 apple tree and some blackberry bushes! They are able to run, rut and roll in mud and get daily pats and rubs.  Pigs are incredibly smart, silly animals!  Here’s some photos of the pigs all as piglets, we’ll post some full grown pig pictures soon!


The three little piggies from last year (they turned into big pigs!)


And the new pigs for 2014!

Harvesting the Pork

We bring our pigs to Maple Lane Farms down the road in Charleston, Maine to be butchered and packaged.  Last year the three pigs had a total packaged weight of about 500 hundred pounds- and that was after being raised in the winter!

Purchasing Pork

If you’re interested in buying a 1/4 pig package (includes all cuts of meat) please email us at  We take $100.00 deposits and the remainder is paid on delivery of the pork- after we factor in the feed and butchering costs.

We have 2 packages left for the Fall Pork Packages.

2 thoughts on “Pastured Pork

  1. Hey tasha and dustin!

    I just read all the posts! Love them all! The blog looks amazing and look forward to future posts! You two are doing such great things.

    ♥ Tara and Lydia

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