Summer 2014 CSA’s


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture; meaning people that buy shares are paying up front for the produce and other goods they will receive throughout the season.  Our CSA runs from June 18th through September 3rd and will include a variety of 7-10 vegetables (peak season more).  Also included will be a nice comprehensive information sheet on the veggies you get with storage tips, recipes and ideas on using them!   Our pickup is on Wednesday from 3-7pm at Mountain’s Market in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.  At the pickup you will find a large or medium (depending on the share size you choose) bag made of recycled cotton filled with your yummies for the week! We chose to use reusable bags for a few reason…the main one being no one has designed an efficient, reusable CSA box!  We really didn’t want to buy 500 waxed cardboard boxes that inevitably would go in the trash (and it’s illegal to reuse since they can’t be sterilized and they are non- recyclable).

Spruce Mill Farm is excited to be offering these shares and we’ve decided to expand them to serve Full Shares as well as Half Shares!  The Full Share is great for a small family or a couple of veggie lovers while the Half Share is better for a single person or a couple that might cook at home once or twice a week.   If you have any questions on what share size would fit your needs, please ask!!  And if you’re worried about your veggies going to waste, don’t be!  The recipes and usage tips will be sure to use them up, but if you’re ever going out of town let us know and we will donate the fresh goods to someone in need!  No Vegetable Goes To Waste is a motto we live by…


Full Share $276.00

Half Share $150.00

If you’re interested in becoming a part of Spruce Mill Farm’s Summer 2014 CSA, please fill out and return the information sheet below.  Thank you!

Spruce Mill Farm Summer 2014 CSA agreement


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